About Gaim Golf

About Gaim Golf

Vince Henry, Owner/Creator

In 2003, after a day of golfing with a back injury, Vince Henry’s creativity was sparked with ideas on how to improve his experience. Leveraging his knowledge from the automotive and boating industry, he was able to solve the issue of retrieving the ball from the cup. Vince didn’t stop there. His putter had to have a design that out performed competitors giving you the advantages of playing your best short game.

The original G360 Design was ranked #1 in Golf Test USA in independent testing. In 2005, the G360 won Golf Illustrated Best Kept Secret and the Baggie Award.

Due to production issues with using material from overseas, the business took a hiatus. During this time, Vince worked diligently on sourcing all the materials in the USA and keeping production local in his home city of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Vince has continued working on the features of his putters leading to the development of a new design for even more impressive results that is available today.

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Vince Henry